LMF Biokimica

Chemical products for the tanning industry

Professionalism, competence and responsability

LMF Biokimica, present for over 40 years on the market of leather chemical for tanneries, has always been the reference point for companies in the tanning industry, offering innovative solutions that cover the entire leather production process: from beamhouse auxiliary processes to finishing products.

In recent years, the company has also committed itself to protecting the environment; in fact, they have been developing a wide range of products to encourage tanneries to produce in a sustainable way in compliance with the increasingly strict legal requirements.

Efficiency, seriousness and commitment are the hallmarks of LMF Biokimica. It can offer a very high quality product as well as a very effective pre- and post-sales customer service.

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Tanning and Retanning products

The Company produces a wide range of products for tanning and retanning phases in order to give the leather the characteristics required by the customer in all applications: footwear, leather goods, clothing, furniture and automotive.

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Finishing products

LMF Biokimica has always been focused on the fashion industry and manufactures finishing products that fully meet the needs of tanneries with increasingly customized and prompt solutions.

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Transfer Papers

LMF Biokimica has significant experience in the field of transfer papers, with a wide range of very high quality products, from metalized ones to covering films on release paper.



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