LMF Research

Chemical Analysis

LMF Biokimica employs highly skilled staff, who use state-of-the-art equipment to ascertain the quality of chemical products, in order to guarantee the safety of the formulations according to the quality certification and the efficacy in the application phase.


Stylistic research has always characterized the activity of the research and development laboratory of LMF Biokimica. Creativity and innovation applied to every type of leather, trendy proposals, technical quality of the finishes and an excellent aesthetic result, make LMF Biokimica the trendsetter for the tanning industry.

Tanning and Retanning

The team of specialized technicians at the tanning department, in synergy with the managers of the other sectors of the Research and Development laboratory, experiments innovative formulations and tanning and retanning processes that are always more reliable and efficient, to respond effectively to the market demands from an economic, performance and aesthetic point of view.